Israel facts

Electrical power: 220V, like in Europe. The wall socket used is an Israeli design, but will take ordinary European two-pin connectors. Convertors are available for US or other plugs.

Currency: the Shekel (NIS, New Israeli Shekel). A Shekel is worth around US$ 0.30 (so $100 will get you around 340 NIS).

Language: Official languages are Hebrew and Arabic. English is widely spoken.

Traffic: Israel drives on the right, just like the US and most of Europe.

Climate: Israel is warm. Mid-summer temperatures average 30C/86F - 35C/95F. Winter temperatures can be as low as 10C/50F, with occasional frost in the mountains. It rains only in winter.

Cell phones: GSM-type cellphones work in Israel. If you have a TDMA/CDMA type phone that only works in the USA, you can rent cellular phones in Israel.

Internet: Internet connections are widely available in Internet cafes and WiFi hotspots. Internet is available at many hotels, but costs about $10-$15 per day.

TV: Israeli TV features many subtitled English-language series and movies. Hotels usually have channels like CNN, Fox News or Sky News.

Food and drink: You can eat and drink very well in Israel. Israeli wines and beers are very good. Israeli food is Mediterranean, but there is an enormous variety of good restaurants. Most Israeli restaurants are kosher.