Jewish Tours

Photo: TWestern Wall, (c) Michael Willemshe Western Wall; © 2006 Michael Willems
Just before Titus destroyed Herod's Temple, Jewish historian Josephus stood with the future Roman Emperor on Mount Scopus, recording his intentions. On the same spot, Tuesday evening June 6th, 1967, OC Central Command Uzi Narkiss read the Josephus account to Moshe Dayan, and then declared his intention to "take it back" the next day.


Photo: One of Dan's many springs; © Jeff Abel 2005

In northern Israel, at Tel Dan, you can see an arched gateway from the time of Abraham. Next door stands Kibbutz Dan, which in 1948 held the borders (together with their neighbours from Kibbutz Dafna) as the new-born state was invaded by its Arab neighbors.


Photo: Red Sea Coral; © Sean Quigley 2006
Fish among the Coral, (c) Sean Quigley

In southern Israel the sparkling blue waters of the Red Sea nestle between the desert landscapes of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Egypt. Here you can explore ancient copper mines and shrines, traverse spectacular canyons and mountains on foot or camel, or discover the myriad colors of coral life just beneath the surface of the sea.

From David's City in Jerusalem to the hi-tech parks of modern Israel, Israel resonates with its Jewish past and present. Only some of these can be seen on your tour - you choose what and how much you want to see.