Dio Cassius

Dio Cassius (Cassius Dio Cocceianus), author of a monumental history of Rome, was born about 155 in Nicaea in Bithynia in northwestern Asia Minor. He was a grandson of Dio Chrysostom, the protagonist of Greek literature (together with Plutarch) in the days of the Emperors Nerva and Trajan. About 180 he became a senator, in 193 a praetor, consul about 220, proconsul in Africa (224), legate in Dalmatia (226), legate in Pannonia (227), and consul again (229), dying in 235(?). Despite his distinguished administrative/political career, he was best known for his literary works, in particular his history of Rome (written in Greek) from the beginning until his own time. Nineteen of the original 80 books have survived providing a major source for the end of the Roman Republic and the first two centuries of the Empire.